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Danisk national TV “Queen Ingrid” in FREDERIK, King of the people (Director Kristian Sejrbo) Premiere 2019

Theatre: Site special monologue. “The unknown” (International Theatre Festival Elsinoer (DK)

Tiger Lillies Hamlet. Moscau (World tour, Director Martin Tulinius) 

TV Production “GROW” part “Jane”( Director Milan Avaz)

Currently working on international TV.Series: IDALIA.

CV (short)   and INFO:   Andrea Vagn Jensen

I have been working constantly in Theatre/film and television for the past 30 years, so I will try not to tire you with too many details. 

Education: National school of Theatre and Film, Aarhus, Denmark (1986-1990)

Languages (fluent): Danish, English, German

City of residence: Copenhagen

Height: 180 cm Weight: 60 Kilo

Playing age: 40-55

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Blond (sometimes brown, if required), mid length.

Drivers License


2018      Advokaten                   Blanka                                          Viaplay

2018      Perfekt Places 2        Ellen                                             TV2 (Mikael wulff)

2018.     Nysgerrig                    Psychologist                               DR1 (Christoffer Stenbakken)

2018.     Perfect Places1         Ellen                                             TV2 (M. Wulff)

2018.     Badehotellet               Frk. Duelund                                TV2 (Fabian Wullenweber)

2017.     Vår tid er nu                Frederikke Brandt                       SVT

2017       Kriger                          Grethe                                           Miso film (Christoffer Boe)

2016       Bedrag                        Hanne Schandorff                      DR1 (Jannik Johansen)

2015       Dicte 3                        Policeinspector Louise H          TV2(Kasper Gaardsøe)

2015      Der General                 Anna M. Bauer                            UFA Fiction (Germany)

2015.     Last Kingdom1           Sigrid                                            Carnival Prod. For BBC

2014.    1864                              Social supervisor                       DR1 (Ole Bornedal)

2013.     Dicte2                           Louise H.                                     TV2( K. Barfoed)

And in the  years before  small and large roles in many tv productions/series


2018      Team Albert                 The teacher                               Regner Grasten Film (Frederik M. Nørgård)

2016      Klassefesten 3            Jette                                            Nordisk Film   (Birger Larsen)

2013      Klassefesten2             Jette                                            Nordisk Film (Mikkel Serup)

2009      Headhunter                  Anne L: Sieger                           Nordisk Film (Rumle Hammerich)

2006      Pure Hearts                  Vera                                             Fine&mellow Prod (K. Kaintz)

And in the years before many small and large parts in productions in Denmark and Sweden


I have  had large parts in many short films (15-50 min) during the years.


I have had a large amount of parts on many stages, large and royal and also more experimental stages in Denmark during all the years, classics and modern. ”Maria Stuart”, Samuel Beckett ”Happy Days”, ”Queer”,  Elektra, ”Les Quatre Diable (Herman Bang), ”The Century”, ”Look Homeward Angel”etc. The Tiger Lillies Hamlet show is still on Tour on the large stages  at theatre Festivals around the world, where I play the part of Queen Gertrude in ”Hamlet”.

I have won awards in Denmark, and also one as best Actress at the Fantasy an Horror filmfestival i Spain, San Sebastian (don’t know why, but I am especially fond of that one:))))

If you need more details just contact me

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